W. Chew Chan

Widow's Fury
Using two of Marvel Comics characters, the Black Widow and Nick Fury, this was a piece that I was striving for both mood as well as action. I like to think that the storytelling was highly successful in those regards. Date: late 2002.

'Nite Out on the Hellmouth
This is a piece that was done for the editor of the Buffy TVS comics. He was quite taken with the 'Bitch' piece, and asked for a follow-up that would be more 'real world' and less 'superheroy'. I really liked the way it all turned out, especially what I did with the "Magic Box', the shop the characters hang out in. Date: Autumn 2002.

Lyrebird (inked)

This is the inked version of what began as "Mockingbird". What can I say - even the inking turned out okay. Inking, contrary to cliched opinion, is a discipline in itself. It's not my strongest point, but these pages are some of my favourites.
Date: Summer 2001/02.



Sequence Productions

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While it took many years to eventually get to the shelves of stores, it proved to be quite a challenging project which grew into somewhat a labour of love.
I hope to continue with this character for quite some time. Date: 1998-2001.

W. Chew Chan

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